List of Credit Unions and Non- Financial Co-operatives in Antigua

                             Christian Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

                             Police Headquarters 

                             P.O Box 151, St.Johns'

                             Tel: 1 268 562-6114


                             Antigua and Barbuda Seventh Day Adventist Co-operative Credit Union Ltd

                             Redcliffe street


                             Tel: 1 268 562-3446


                             Antigua and Barbuda Police Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

                             Police Headquarters 

                             American Rd.St.Johns'

                             Tel: 1 268 462-7952


​                             website:

                             Community First Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

                             Lwr Old Parham Rd.

                             P.O Box 1632 St.Johns'

                             Tel: 1 268 480-3950


                                  St. John’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

                                  All Saints Rd.

                                  P.O Box 555 St.Johns'

                                  Tel: 1 268 480-1301


                             Antigua Public Utilities Authority Credit Union Ltd

                             Cassada Gardens

                             P.O Box 416 St.Johns'

                             Tel: 1 268 480-7126


Anybody can join a credit union, however each credit union serves what's called their “field of membership” - The field of membership of a credit union is the legal definition of who is eligible to join the credit union (simply put it's the commonality between the members).You may be eligible to join a credit union based on your:

Employer - many employers sponsor their own credit unions (worker cooperative)
Geographic Location - many credit unions serve anyone that lives, works, worships, or attends school in a particular geographic area 
Family - most credit unions allow members' families to join. So if someone in your family is already a member of a credit union - you may be eligible too!
Membership in a group - like a church, school or alumni, labor union, homeowners' association, etc.

​Below are list of credit unions in Antigua among the list three of which namely Christian Cooperative Community first, St.Johns  have a fully open field of membership,

While the remaining three are partially open field of membership.